Considering how popular online casinos have become, it is no wonder that there are also some bad ones. The bad ones are created for the sole purpose of fraudulent activity, and some are even used to run identity theft scams by stealing personal information of the clients. However, with a bit of online knowledge, it is not hard to identify the bad online casinos as they are quite easy to spot.

As a player, you should expect some level of honesty from an online casino which includes:

Fair games

Remember that every online casino operating as a legitimate business will require you to provide information about your age and identification during the signup process. It will involve scanning or faxing a copy of your identification and also your address.

Safe and Secure Environment

This is where as a client, you are allowed to and can withdraw and securely deposit your own money anytime you want.

How do you determine if an online casino is good or bad?

To identify a good online casino, you must be able to do the following:

Recognise its brand name

It is common knowledge that the online casinos that are ranked highly have truly earned their reputation and position. Therefore, a well-known name is deemed to be more trustworthy as compared to one that has not heard of before.


One should research and investigate where a casino obtained its license. This information is usually available at the bottom of the casino’s homepage and while at it, one can also look the jurisdictions of the permit.


The software of a leading online casino is usually only provided by a handful of respected names. While some are licensed in other countries, they are not as strict as required hence giving way to dubious casinos business by rogue casinos.

Bad reviews

Do not blindly believe online casino reviews because some of these companies hire third parties to write positive reviews for themselves and negative reviews for their competitors. Therefore, research on independent review sites and use those to choose a casino.